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What is a Jofli Bear?
  • Jofli is a 'Journey of Life' bear with a diary inside his backpack to record memories of family adventures, by hand or online.
Why should I buy a Jofli Bear?
  • It's a wonderful way of capturing childhood memories and a Jofli Bear becomes a lifelong companion..
  • Jofli also has educational benefits by encouraging children to walk, talk, read and write.
Who buys Jofli Bears?
  • For families it's parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends...
  • ​For professionals it's teachers, nursery owners, fostering & adoption agencies, scout and guide leaders, charities...
What age is a Jofli Bear suitable for?
  • 0-90! Recording memories doesn't have an age limit, the sooner you start the more you will have to look back on. The journals become more precious as the years go by
    Adult supervision recommended for under 3's